Lodge Rising Star of Western India
#342 on the rolls of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Message from The Right Worshipful Master

Brother Cyrus P Shroff

Lodge Rising Star of Western India, No. 342 S.C., Mumbai, India

RWM Bro. Cyrus P Shroff

Welcome to our visitor from Ashburn, United States.

Traditionally and historically Freemasons have been amongst the most innovative strata of mankind; delving into the hidden mysteries of nature and science in an era when knowledge was scarce and sparse. Masons were known to solve their own problems while raising magnificent structures through skill, toil and diligence; with a combination of in-depth learning and tireless toil.

There was the time when innovations were handed down by Masons to society and society was awestruck by the grandeur of their creations. Today, even though we are not operative, but speculative Masons, we cannot live in the glory of what Masons did in the past. We have to forge our own great deeds, such that generations to come also number our generation amongst the great achievers. We can now use the internet and other tools created by others to aid and assist work done by Masons. The advent of the internet is destined to affect all facets of mankind. Freemasonry would be no exception. It is however imperative that Freemasons not only acknowledge, but also keep abreast of modern innovations to aid in the advancement of the craft.

The internet has it's role to play in shrinking the world. Let us use it to synergise Freemasonry, which is spread universally across the surface of the globe. Our Lodge website is a small step towards harnessing technology to assist the craft. To convey to Masons and non-Masons alike, our ideologies; our labours, and the desire to work together to achieve a Fraternal bonding across the globe.

With fraternal greetings to you all,

Bro. Cyrus P Shroff.