In May 2020, Bro. Kai Hughes, Past Grand Orator UGLE, Member, Mother Kilwinning No.0 SC; contacted us through our website, informing us that he is in possession of a Burnes medal. He mentioned that the medal appeared to be made of alabaster and is a brilliant white. On the rim, which is silver, it says "From the Native Brethren of Rising Star to W.Bro. A Jordan Dec 19th 1859". Bro Kai Hughes has graciously allowed us to post these images on our website.

Our records show that Bro. Aratoon Jordan was a joining member in 1852. He held the office of Secretary in 1856 and treasurer in 1857. He was re-elected to treasurer in 1858 and in 1859. He was voted the Founder's medal in 1859 for commendable work as Treasurer which greatly benefited the Lodge. He resigned from the Lodge in 1860. The medal was presented to him in open Lodge at the installation meeting in 1860.